We are proud to join with the AIBB as sponsors for the next 2 years. Celebrating 20 years is a great achievement for our family run business and we are very thankful to the business brokers and clients who have supported us over the years.

Bsale was established in 2000 from the Central Coast NSW. It was the vision of Kaye Lovie who was searching for a business to buy but struggled to find opportunities. At the time, newspaper advertising was the main option and Sydney newspapers came weekly and didn't often showcase local businesses. Then along came dial-up internet and the option to connect more people was born. 

Today, Bsale is a proud family run website that strives to connect buyers and sellers across Australia. We have thousands of listings that are placed by business owners, brokers and franchise groups. The businesses are from regional towns to capital cities. We want to see clients sell their business and happily move onto their next venture. View our testimonials and reviews of the business for sale website

In March 2015, we published our first online Business for Sale eMagazine that has thousands of recipients every month. It showcases our latest listings and helpful articles for anyone looking to buy or sell a business. 

We're always looking to improve the site and services so if you have any feedback or you are looking to sell your business, we'd love to hear from you.

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Is partners with, one of the country’s leading business for sale web portals

The partnership will provide a digital business partner for AIBB business brokers and deliver a holistic digital offering for the business broking industry.

With the increase in smartphone usage over the years and many business buyers doing their research online, offline as well as through phone enquiries, the online  channel is an indispensable  complementary offering to offline channels such as business for sale expos and events. By advertising the businesses that they represent online, brokers can create awareness, maximise reach, pre-screen enquiries, create demand and build an online reputation. has a long history of providing not only a platform for consumers to find their latest business opportunity, but also a suite of online tools that give brokers a technology-driven platform on which to build their individual businesses. Brokers will have the opportunity to promote their  businesses for sale in SydneyMelbourneBrisbane  and other major cities, regional centres and town 24 hours a day. 

Many business searches are highly specific (with prospective business buyers looking for a specific category of business) and this behaviour is a good match for the precise nature of online marketing that can match search intent to a result that will highly match what the prospective buyer is seeking.

Advertising a business for sale online can be challenging at the outset but it doesn’t have to be. AnyBusiness provides business brokers with flexibility, a simple workflow for publishing and promoting business for sale, friendly customer service as well as transparent reporting.

 This latest partnership with the AIBB reinforces’s commitment to the business broking community and is a relationship that has both parties eagerly anticipating an exciting future for the industry as a whole.


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