Business Broker Induction Program

All new members after 1 April 2019 are required to complete their preparation/induction training of 13 modules in 12 months including face to face training from the date of joining.

This is a compulsory requirement as part of AIBB membership. Completion of the induction training (all 13 modules) will receive a Certificate of Completion - AIBB Business Brokering Induction Training.

The Topics

Induction Course 1000 Series (Basic Online Entry Course) Content

  • 1100 Introductory to Business Broking
  • 1200 Risk Management
  • 1300 Prospecting for Listings
  • 1400 Analysing Leases
  • 1500 Analysing Employees
  • 1600 Profiles and Information Memorandums
  • 1700 Promoting Business for Sale
  • 1800 Financing the Business Acquisition
  • 1900 Managing the Sale Process

Induction Course 2000 Series (Face to Face Workshops)

  • 2000 Legal & Contracts
  • 2100 Analysing Financials
  • 2200 Appraising/Pricing the Business
  • 2300 Listing a Business

Participants are assessed through an online multiple-choice questionnaire, as well as attending 2 x 1 day face to face workshops to complete a futher four (4) modules with assessments at the conclusion of each module and assignments at the conclusion of each face to face workshop.

The student must achieve a score of 75% to pass each module and workshop assignments. This course is only available to paid-up AIBB Members, participation is mandatory for all new AIBB Members.

To access this training please call the Secretariat on 1300 796 667