The AIBB provides training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which enables members to meet their state’s legislated CPD requirements, in addition to maintaining the AIBB CertifiedPracticing Business Broker, and RBV accreditation.

Accredited AIBB members are required to participate in annual CPD training. Points are issued and recorded by the AIBB, and points allocated to brokers who complete CPD training programs.

Attendance at the annual AIBB conference provides members with CPD points.
AIBB member brokers who are licensed in NSW or WA, and have complied with state - based CPD requirements are able to have their state based training go towards the AIBB CPD Points.

CPD requirements:
(AIBB) requires members to achieve 30 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points each 2-year period. 30pts/2years. An average of 15 points must be completed annually. However, extra points earned in one year canbe carried over to the second to make up the allocation. 

CPD requirements are effective immediately upon membership acceptance. The initial CPD
requirements for new practitioner members will be pro-rated from the date of membership

Each AIBB member must keep a copy of the CPD certificate or evidence of CPD Activity.
The Point system is summarised in the table below:

 Max Pts *

Description of Approved Activity Pts Max Pts*
Attend -AIBB State Meetings 1 pt 5 Pts
Attend & Pass -AIBB run training course 1 pt per Hr No Limit
Attend - AIBB Annual Conference 15 PTS No Limit
Attend Non AIBB , Business broking Training 1 Pt per Hr 5 PTS
Attend & Pass - AIBB - RVB Course 30 PTS No Limit
Attend - IBBA Conference or Training Course 10 PTS 20 PTS
Achieve NON AIBB State based CPD for NSW & WA  5Pts 5Pts

# A maximum number of PTS