The AIBB Registered Business Valuers (RBV) chapter has developed the only course designed to achieve best practice with valuing Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) in Australia, to include:

  1. The sale of and acquisition of businesses for both vendors and purchasers;
  2. Banks and financial institutions to finance acquisitions;
  3. Disputes in the dissolution of the partnerships;
  4. Family Law
  5. Calculating stamp duties and the capital gains liabilities;
  6. Compulsory acquisition by Government Authorities;
  7. Expert witnesses in legal disputes

Course objective, to enable participants to expand their knowledge, skills and capabilities to undertake and complete Valuations of Business Assets of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). To attain the accreditation as a RBV Registered Business Valuer and to become recognized as professional Business Valuers in a register maintained by the AIBB for reference by potential clients.

The Timeframe to complete the course is estimated to be 5-6 months in total. Participants should approach the course with the understanding and attitude that it is incumbent on them to pre-prepare, research, in preparation for their attendance at tutorials (face to face presentations) conducted over 3 x 3 day units at intervals of around 6 weeks in between each module.

The next course will be 2018, the course is to be conducted between February to June 2018, with a final assignment due by 22nd July 2018. The tutorials will be presented over 3 x 3 day  units with units 11 modules at intervals of about 6 weeks with a student assignment in the intervening periods. Students must attend all three units and successfully complete all assignments with the final assignment presented in unit 3.
The 2018 Course will be held in the 3 states with the greatest number of participants. e.g. Unit 1 Sydney, Unit 2 Perth, Unit 3 Brisbane. locations will be decided by the committee once applications are received and confirmed.

a.    A minimum of 5 years’ continuous experience as a current full time practicing business brokers, a Statutory Declaration to that effect is to be completed as part of this application
b.    Be a current paid up member of the AIBB
c.    Having completed the AIBB CPBB – Certified Practicing Business Broker accreditation; and maintained their register of CPD points awarded by the AIBB
d.    Having completed the Advanced Business Brokers course or the equivalent thereof.
e.    Be prepared to hold an appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance if accredited with the AIBB as a Registered Business Valuer.

Applications will be considered from parties with an appropriate tertiary qualification, or equivalent, experience in a related discipline and be enrolled at least as an Affiliate member of the AIBB. Such applicants are by no means assured of being offered a place. Priority will be given to AIBB practicing Business brokersthe course committee requires students to supply a business and personal reference for consideration by the AIBB Executive Committee and to complete and sign a personal disclosure form. A verification of 5 years’ recent business broking experience is also required. 

5000 Series RBV Course Modules
5100 Role of SME Valuer
5200 Legal aspects of valuation
5300 The engagement process
5400 Report Writing Skills
5500 Data Collection & analysis
5600 Financial Analysis
5700 Valuation Methodologies
5800 Peer Reviewing & Critiquing-Valuation Reports
5900 SME valuation practical Workshops