If you are a new entrant to the Business Broking industry, an experienced Business Broker or an allied professional looking to be informed of current Industry practice you should join the Australian Institute of Business Brokers
The Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) is the peak industry group, formed in 1989 to represent the special interests of Professional Business Brokers. The Institute has Chapters in each State run by a local Executive Committee's and the Institute has Special Interest Chapters to oversee Business Valuations, Education and Training, Mergers and Aquisitions and Chinese Membership. 

The AIBB is involved at a State and National level in making representations to both State and Federal Governments over a wide range of industry issues many of which affect the Business Broking and Allied Professions  in support of best practices in our Industry.

AIBB is determined to ensure that the Education, Training and Industry Standards are made available to, and maintained, by all members to ensure best practices outcomes for all stakeholders and preserve the "public trust' in the profession. These ideals have proven to be of benefit to both the participants within the industry and the consumer at large.

What do you get from AIBB when you become a member?

  • A certificate of membership.
  • Use of AIBB's trademarked logo for advertising on your personal Stationery. 
  • A personal and business listing on AIBB's website (www.aibb.org.au)
  • Access to the restricted Members only section of AIBB'S website where the latest changes in Industry Practices and legislative updates can be found.. 
  • Regular information by email informing you of changes in the Business Broking sector and SMS alerts to urgent practice updates.
  • A monthly newsletter from the Institute advising of activities that affect the industry.
  • Access to the Institutes Archive of Documents via the restricted members area. 
  • Exclusive access to professional Industry Training, from basic to advanced with advice and assistance in meeting your regulatory requirements in relation to licencing and best-practice outcomes.                                                                       
  • Telephone and Email assistance with any queries you may have in relation to your Practice or License.       
  • Supplier discounts on Goods & Services used by the Business Broking profession.                                                 
  • Access to specialised Legal Advice and Dispute Resolution if required.
  • The opportunity to meet with your peers in Quarterly Forums in your own state and annually at the National Convention. 
  • The opportunity to attend AIBB's Annual Conference for Education, Networking and Social Peer interaction.              
  • The collective bargaining power of the whole profession.

A.I.B.B. is not affiliated with or a part of any real estate or property - based organisation. A.I.B.B. has developed its strength by being a totally independent organisation focused entirely on Business Sales and valuations.




Full Membership – This is for people that have a full business broker’s license in their relevant state/ territory.
Associate Membership – This is for people that are agents and salespersons with a license in their relevant state/ territory.
Affiliate Membership – This is for people that are lawyers and accountants who want to network within the business brokerage areas.


Membership applications are accepted throughout the year, with your 12 months membership starting on your payment date. All new members are required to begin their membership as a first year member, which includes the induction training.

Full Membership - $660.00 per year 
Associate Membership - $330.00 per year 
Affiliate Membership - $440.00 per year 

First year Membership - $1000.00 Inc GST (once only) includes compulsory Broker Induction Training Course and 1st Year Membership.



When you join the AIBB you are required to participate in the compulsory “Induction Training” course which is designed to ensure that new entrants to the Business Broking profession have the basic skills and knowledge required to operate as a business broker at the highest level using proven “best–practice” methods and systems.

All joining members of the AIBB must complete the Induction Training Course within the first year of membership.

Right now just about anybody can start selling businesses in Australia. In many states all that you need to sell businesses is a real estate salespersons accreditation, and you can start selling businesses. 

The Australian Institute of Business Brokers believes that just isn’t good enough. The appraisal, marketing, and sale of businesses is a sophisticated and comprehensive process, and the legal requirements to operate as a business broker are not rigorous enough. 

For this reason the AIBB initiated the New Broker Induction Course. Completion of this course is a compulsory requirement of AIBB membership.

The New Broker Induction Course is designed to ensure that new entrants to the Business Broking profession have the basic skills and knowledge required to operate as a business broker at the highest levels. The course is delivered by experienced recognised industry leaders and demonstrates and teaches proven “best–practice” business sale methods and systems.

The business brokers who have completed the training have universally praised the presenters and the course for the invaluable information and basics that they have learned in the course.

"I would like to thank both Max and Stephen for presenting the Induction course over the last 2 days and for taking the time out of there busy schedules to teach us what they have learned over many years of both Business Broking and valuations it was very informative. 

I really did get a lot out of the listening to you guys over the last few days and will be pushing all brokers to attend future Induction Courses."  Peter F - Sydney